Abbott’s Village Bakery were releasing a new range of gluten-free bread and needed to stand out from the crowd.


Gluten intolerance is often trivialised. But whether checking ingredients, skipping meals or just putting up with a crumbly sandwich, it has a big impact on people’s lives.


We recognised these struggles and positioned Abbott’s new bread as a special moment for those tough gluten-free days. It’s a little ray of breadliness in a world of cheerless bread.


  • We launched Abbott's new bread with social videos, developed from real Tweets we discovered online
  • Further support came from print, web banners and website, PR and social posts
  • We also worked with a PR company to create a gluten-free gift basket to send to social influencers, designed to brighten their day  
  • 26 social posts, 2.5 million views, 12,300 reactions, 4,700 comments, 2,100 shares