Every year, The Full Stop Foundation offers phone counselling to over 22,000 victims of domestic violence. But they were struggling to keep the lines open.

We had a simple idea – could regular people listen to what a phone counsellor hears everyday?

Emotional abuse, verbal abuse, someone who tries to control your money or your access to it, your friendships and your...

Posted by Mia Freedman on Monday, May 1, 2017

A few details

  • 10,869 engagements (+873%), 130,640 reach (+2,222% ), PR reached nearly 4 million Australians

  • Won The Drum Asia Pacific ‘Creative Work of the Week’

  • With no money for production or media, friends and family of BMF donated their time and expertise to create this film

  • Creatives: Jessica Roberts, Justin Butler. Creative Director: Jen Speirs. Director: Al Moore.