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Revealing the ugly truth behind loyalty schemes



Australians love loyalty points – but at the end of the day, they’re basically pointless. To continue their ‘Good Different’ brand platform, ALDI showed people they’d be better off just saving money, not pointless points.


The calculator

Combining supermarket spend data and loyalty scheme rewards, we proved just how pointless points really are.


The results

8+ million earned impressions, coverage in 130+ media outlets and recognised at AWARD, Caples, NY Festival, and Effies.


Creatives: Lisa Down, Simon Koay, Justin Butler; Creative Directors: Dantie Van Der Merwe, David Fraser; Executive Creative Director: Alex Derwin; Director: Jeff Low.


Creating a
half-price tuna tsunami


01_tunacover copy.jpg

ALDI’s competitors are notorious for offering half-price discounts on just a few products.

In comparison, shoppers save on absolutely everything at ALDI – meaning they won’t end up with 15,000 cans of half-price tuna in their cupboard.


We also created a one-shot version for platforms with a short attention span and half-price cans even took over people’s feed.


Creatives: Lisa Down, Simon Koay, Justin Butler; Creative Directors: Dantie Van Der Merwe, David Fraser; Executive Creative Director: Alex Derwin; Director: Jeff Low.


Uncovering the hidden story behind the Royal Flying Doctor Service



TAL Life Insurance were partnering with Australia’s most loved brand - The Royal Flying Doctor Service.

We uncovered a little known story: there’s a team of volunteers working on the ground to help keep the RFDS in the air. By bringing attention to this unknown story, we put our client in the spotlight.


TV, Cinema and online films were supported on social media with portraiture, behind-the-scenes footage and content – telling the real story of these amazing volunteers


Creatives: Jessica Roberts, Justin Butler; Creative Director: Jen Speirs; Executive Creative Director: Cam Blackley; Director: Ben Lawrence


Getting Australia talking about sexual confidence

For Weight Watchers


Weight Watchers research showed that 52% of women avoid sex because they’re worried about how they look. So we created a health program focussed on sex and confidence – Weight Watchers Black.


We created and launched the WW Black sub-brand and 12-week program – including an online film, print, display, content, PR and social. It created a fiery debate on social media and in the news, further highlighting the taboo around the topic.


Creatives: Jessica Roberts, Justin Butler; Creative Director: Jen Speirs; Director: Alina Gozin’a


Explaining corporate tax law without putting people to sleep

For The Australian Government


The Australian Government introduced laws to prevent multinational tax evasion. It’s a topic that many people aren’t interested in or don’t fully understand.

So we turned this dry subject matter into something beautiful, clear and engaging.


30" & 15" TV, online clips, radio, social, press, display, website and eDM's. The work was won and produced off the back of a creative government pitch. After considering CGI we built everything for real, using a computer model and 3D printing – winning Bronze at AWARD Awards for Film Craft.


Creative leads: Jessica Roberts, Justin Butler; Director: Dropbear (Jonathan Chong)


Loaf of bread found not guilty of bullying man (this was a real headline)



ALDI were steadily introducing 700 new products, but shoppers were sticking to their list – not noticing the new products in store.

So, to pull people out of their supermarket daze, we used ALDI’s most common products to highlight their new, unusual ones.


‘Stop and Smell the Savings’ was ALDI’s price platform for two years. During that time we developed radio, display, POS and over 50 TVCs.

Creatives: Jessica Roberts, Justin Butler; Creative Director: Alex Derwin; Executive Creative Director: Cam Blackley; Director: Jim Hosking


A sensitive farmer reads mean tweets about gluten free bread

For Abbott’s Village Bakery


People really, really don’t like Gluten Free bread. So, rather than fighting it, we embraced this hate and positioned Abbott’s Village Bakery’s new gluten free bread as a saviour.

Using real tweets we found online, Mean Gluten Free Tweets was created.


We created 26 short films for social, resulting in 2.5 million views, 12,300 reactions, 4,700 comments, 2,100 shares. Further support came from print, web banners and website, PR, influencer outreach.

Creatives: Jessica Roberts, Justin Butler; Director: Mike Oldershaw

Showing the reality of a domestic violence helpline

For the Full Stop Foundation


Every year, The Full Stop Foundation offers phone counselling to over 22,000 victims of domestic violence. But they were struggling to keep the lines open.

We had a simple idea – could regular people listen to what a phone counsellor hears everyday?

STOPfund_post (1).jpg

The campaign was the biggest ever for the foundation, with 10,869 engagements (+873%), 130,640 reach (+2,222% ), PR reached nearly 4 million Australians.

Won The Drum Asia Pacific ‘Creative Work of the Week’.


Creatives: Jessica Roberts, Justin Butler. Creative Director: Jen Speirs. Director: Al Moore.


Trump supports ethical journalism

For the Walkley Awards


In a time when fake news is rampant, The Walkley Foundation needed to prove quality journalism is worth the investment. So we decided to use a tool of fake news – Deepfaking with AI neural networks – to support the truth.

In a bizarre version of reality, Donald Trump introduced the Walkley Awards and preached the importance of quality journalism.


Creative: Justin Butler; Executive Creative Director: Alex Derwin.